Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free training session

With our membership to the JCC  in St Louis Park- we are also eligible for a free training session and have a surplus of trainers to work with. 

Last Friday, I didn't work because my daycare provider took the day off for Good Friday.  There had been a lot of time off for Passover (since I work within the Jewish community).  It was nice to spend more time with my kids.  On Good Friday, I decided I would spend late morning putting in a workout.  I was doing modified push ups using a cable machine.  When I was finished a trainer came up to me and said "I've never seen that on this machine before- I want to try that." So off he went trying my modified push up, without the additional knee adaptation (he, Jeff the trainer, told me he'd never had a c-section).  He also said he liked the move and how well it worked the upper body and abs.

Did I really just teach a trainer something?

When Jeff asked me if I was currently training, I responded by telling him that I had signed up for my first 5K in May.  When he asked how long I had been a member I said late February and that I had lost 8.5 pounds so far.  His response: You must be doing something right then!  Must be. I told him about the Cardio Trainer app on my phone and how it was helping me track my progress, my calorie intake.  We scheduled a time to meet since I had not had my WellStart meeting yet. (you get a session with a trainer when you sign up- like at many clubs).

So, I met with Jeff- and I, admittedly, was skeptical. I was also probably being prideful.  I have, after all, lost 8.5 pounds on my own.   When we met for the training session, he asked me what my athletic background was- I went through the laundry list of sports and physical activities that I have participated in.  We started out easily - seeing what my range of motion is and physical abilities- then, he really started to push me.  It was physically and mentally challenging. I actually, and this has never happened before, had to stop because I was nauseated from the workout.  Jeff explained it was from the lowered levels of glucose. I could never get my own workouts to this level on my own.  I still feel the workout from Monday today - but in a good way- not in an 'oh gosh I am NEVER doing that again. EVER' way.

 Now, I'm less than 2 pounds away from my first big- 1/2 way goal and 12 pounds away from my second big goal.

Everything seems to be obtainable now- as long as I'm still trying and still making progress.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

conquered & reporting in

I am happy to report that I have met my second goal. As of today, I weigh 155. Overall, I have lost almost 8 pounds. The rate isn't quite what I had hoped for. I have to say, though, that I am thrilled to be just 2-3 pounds over the weight I first met Randy at. Once I am there, I am halfway to my overall goal of 142. This is the top of the healthy weight range for my height, and also reflects the weight I was at when I competed in pageants. Or at least my last pageants.

Life is busy! With two little guys and consistent full-time permanent work, it is difficult to find balance. Its also difficult to go to the gym after not seeing our mini-men all day and handing them over to someone else for up to 90 more minutes. The nights I do take them to the gym I admittedly feel guilty. The nights we don't go to the gym I make the most of my time with them and we have dinner together, play together and read together. Last night we all went on a walk together and then stopped for a slice of pizza from pizza luce.

To keep me motivated, I know that I still have inches to lose around my waist in order to fit into my wedding gown. I have also signed up for my first 5k. benefits c.a.d.e (children with autism deserve education). I've also set up a donation page. Visit

If you know 91 people- you know someone with autism. My cousin was diagnosed with autism when he was quite young. That was a huge motivator to choose the autism 5k for my first race and create a donation page. I set a goal of $500 and so far I have raised $50.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

On a brighter note....

If you read my last entry, you know that I have a weakness once a year and devour nearly an entire package of oreo's by myself.   Usually, it's about this time of year- winter, before spring. 

Since I did have this moment- or moments (I would like to state for the record that I did not eat the package all in one sitting- even for having a weakness for (a lot of) Oreo's once a year I do have limitations!) of weakness I thought I should check in with my progress.

I am, again holding steady (even with the Oreo consuption) on the scale, but the measurement numbers have been changing.  I lost another 1.5 inches off my waist!  This is thrilling to me since that means I only have 2 inches to go to fit into my wedding dress that I ordered (so says the size chart).

I'm not feeling great today- so no gym for me- I barely made it to work.  On the drive there I kept thinking "What am I doing? I am going to accomplish nothing...." Sigh.

The pants I'm wearing are fitting better too- specifically through the hip and thigh area.  I guess I know where I loose my inches last! Bummer. The waist will have to wait- but I'm sure it will catch up in the slim down show down.

It better...

It would be amazing if I ended up being the exact measurements of my dress for our wedding. Alterations? What alterations? 

Moments of weakness....

I have to admit- I have been very guilty this past weekend- of having a few moments of weakness.  The moment of weakness came in the form of a package of OREO cookies.

Every year, about this time, I have a tendancy to splurge and eat Oreo cookies. 

Let's just say I ate most of the package myself.

This was not helpful to my progress....

Friday, February 4, 2011

you know you've lost weight when...

you think your pants are falling down... but its actually your underwear.

there's not much more to say...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goodbye Plateau!

I stepped on the scale this morning and thought "maybe today..."

Maybe today the number will be less than 161- maybe I finally broke through... but maybe not.

I held my breath and waited for the beep....


My jaw dropped and I was (and still am) in disbelief.  I had finally done it- I had finally broken through the 160 lb. barrier.

I could hardly speak let alone type about it.

I am speechless- I am without speech.

My fiance gave me a big hug this morning and told me 'good job!' He knows how important it is for me to be healthier.

It finally happened. I have been waffling between 166-161 since July, after our second son was born.  It's not easy after having a baby or two.  I haven't been below 160 since before I was pregnant with our first son- so 3 years ago!

I wouldn't give up- I knew I couldn't- because if I gave up it would be a slippery slope back to even larger numbers. Gaining would be so disappointing and not the kind of example I want to set for our kids. 

159.6-- it's not the ultimate goal but it is a small step in the right direction.... Actually, it's about 3 pounds in the right direction! 

It feels good to know I'm not broken and good "old fashioned" exercise and watching what you eat can make all the difference in the world.

Monday, January 31, 2011

For the love of the sport.....

Saturday proved an exausting day for me- 3 games and a scrimmage to officiate.  My Cardiotrainer App on my phone tells me that I burned approximately 3000 calories over the course of the day.  Exhausting!  While it was a great day of skating- it was not without it's rough patches.

My first reffing partner of the day- awesome.  We got along great, had good rapport.  He had taken a few years off when he started a family with his wife and I couldn't believe when he said he was 35.  It was great to have such an affinity with a fellow ref on the ice- I will work with him anytime- which he said was mutual. We worked well together, covered the ice when the other was blocked from proceeding to follow play, had a pow-wow over what call to make (which resulted in a very exciting penalty shot).  Awesome.  It was an awesome game- the teams were great, the coaches were great, everyone was great.

It seemed like a good start to the day....

As some of you know,  I've been an ice hockey referee for 5 years or so now.  I ref because I love the game (cliff notes version).  After one game at BIG 3 earlier this season,  my reffing partner, who I have worked with a number of times, over all of the seasons I have been involved on the officiating side,  explained that his next game was at a neighboring town and with a team that has a terrible reputation.  I wondered how terrible this team could be but then brushed it aside- afterall, we all have our bad days.  Perhaps this was a rumor gone awry.

Mid-day Saturday, I believe I met this team with the terrible reputation.  Let me tell you- their preceding reputation did not even do them justice (and not  in a good way).  I have never worked with such a team.  I doubt I will ever meet their equal in poor attitude, terrible sportsmanship, lack of manners, and complete disregard for how they speak to others.  I'm speaking specifically about the coaching staff.  The coaching staff complained about being told their kids mouth guards needed to be in.  Mouth guards being a safe guard against concussions that can end a sports career and cause permanent brain damage.  I even had to send one of the coaches to the locker room.  He had already received a bench minor and I had had enough.  The players reflected the poor attitude and bad sportsmanship displayed by their coaches.  These kids are the kids that are really very good, but just not quite good enough to make the A-team.  It's one of those terrible decisions where teams have to get picked and they're all neck and neck so they probably just end up drawing straws (this is especially true in ice hockey because there is only 1 A-team allowed per association per age group).

My partner for the game was like wall paper.  Still fairly young to the officiating side of the sport- he contributed little and had nothing to offer in terms of being a partner on the ice.  It was hugely frustrating.  The wrath of the coaches and parents were directed only in my direction.  Usually I try to make conversation with my associate referee before we go out for a game- get at least their name and how long they've been involved with officiating and playing ice hockey.  It's usually a good launching pad for more conversation.  From  my partner on Saturday for the two game set- nothing.  He was more into his phone than getting his mind set for the game.  I've never been so disappointed in a reffing partner.  I walked into the ref room and immediately apologized for being late and explained that I had  a migraine headache that I was still fending off.  He didn't even look up from his phone.  It was a bad sign and as I tried a few more times to get him to talk to me before the game (within reason) I knew things were not going to go well.  It was clear he had no people skills and was not interested in Dale Carnegie.

Saturday night when I arrived home, I was seriously questioning whether or not to continue after this season as an ice hockey referee.  This morning, I realize that this is one bad team with a terrible attitude that is not only hurting themselves, but their team mates, the parents, the team's association, and the sport of ice hockey.